is the only place you need for latest news, event info, photos and exclusive track releases. Have a look around and see what he's about! The site is broken down into multiple sections, let's briefly point out how it all works.

This is where you are now, consider it your hub. Just click the official logo to return here!
Every story has a beginning, but this story has no end in sight and that's just how we like it! Check out the Bio page to see where LeBrun's story began and how it's going now.
The page with all the juicy bits. Here you will find an extensive 'discography' of all his productions that are pure LeBrun savagery. Continuously producing, keep a sharp eye out for exclusive releases.
A true insight to how messy things can get with LeBrun behind the decks. Easy to navigate, just click any photo to enlarge it!
Got a question or request? Want VIP treatment? Or maybe you just wanna heap the praise. Here's where you do it, all messages go straight to LeBrun, so what are you waiting for? Want to book Travis for a gig of your own? Here's where you do it also.

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